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Poland begins to extradite male evaders to Ukraine, – Rzeczpospolita Interesting to know Ukraine War news World news

Poland begins to extradite male evaders to Ukraine, – Rzeczpospolita

In recent developments, the leader of the “Servant of the People” faction in Ukraine, David Arahamia, has suggested that Ukrainian law enforcement agencies will seek the extradition of men who illegally left the country to avoid mobilization. Poland has already taken steps in this direction, with approximately 80,000 potential defectors having entered the country since the start of the full-scale war. These individuals are potentially subject to mobilization in Poland, but the number of exemptions remains unknown. Lieutenant Anna Michalska, spokesperson for the Border Service headquarters, stated, “One person could cross the border even several hundred times. But after deducting departures from arrivals, about 80,000 remain in Poland.” The extradition process would require Ukraine to submit a request, and a Polish court would assess the case accordingly.

Mariusz Tsiarka, spokesperson for the Main Directorate of the Police, explained that if a foreigner were detained and found to be pursued by the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, they would be notified accordingly. However, the decision to extradite would ultimately be up to the Polish court. Some individuals entered Poland through the “green corridor,” while others might have done so with the help of intermediaries. Ukraine has already deported Ukrainian citizens involved in smuggling people to Europe illegally.

Davyd Arakhamiya, leader of the “Servant of the People” faction in parliament, has stated that individuals who used fraudulent documents to evade the draft will be held accountable by law. Additionally, those who left the country with such documents could face extradition. Serhiy Savynskyi, a lawyer at the Gracers law firm, explained that criminal proceedings could be initiated against these individuals for using forged documents or illegally crossing the border. He also provided insight into how the extradition process would work in practice.

Fedir Venislavskyi, the president’s representative in the Verkhovna Rada, reported that Kyiv intends to take legal action against men who evaded military service by bribing officials and hiding abroad. The Ukrainian government is determined to address the issue of draft evasion and ensure that those who shirk their duty face the consequences.

It is evident that Ukraine is actively pursuing measures to apprehend and hold accountable individuals who have illegally left the country to avoid mobilization. With Poland’s cooperation in extradition procedures, it is expected that a significant number of potential defectors will face legal action for their actions. This sends a strong message that draft evasion will not be tolerated, and individuals who attempt to bypass their responsibilities will be held accountable under the law.