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Britain has reduced training for Ukrainian troops at a military base in Kent after complaints from neighbors Ukraine War news

Britain has reduced training for Ukrainian troops at a military base in Kent after complaints from neighbors

The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain was forced to reduce training for the Ukrainian military at the Lydd training ground, which is located near the city of Dungeness. Local residents objected to the explosions and smoke produced during the exercise, leading to an appeal to Lydd Borough Council and a decision by the Ministry of Defense to limit the noise and reduce the exercise by 30 per cent. One of the residents, Alan Smart, proposed to close the military base, which has existed for 150 years, considering it a source of discomfort for the surrounding residents. He noted that the explosions are very loud and even make the windows shake. Other residents, Vivian Ford and Terry, who live near the Lydd military training camp, added that they also felt the explosions in their home. Despite this, there are those who express gratitude to the Ukrainian military for their courage. An elderly lady, June Beaumont, who has lived just meters from the military base for 35 years, said you shouldn't expect quiet when you buy a house next to a military base. She believes that a military base is necessary for the defense of the country, and the Lydd training ground plays an important role in the training of military personnel. The Ministry of Defense issued a statement confirming that the reduction in the level of training had already been carried out. They also emphasized that constant monitoring is carried out to ensure the safety of the local community and in accordance with established noise limits. The Ukrainian military continues its struggle for the liberation of the occupied territories, receiving military support and training from Great Britain. Since the beginning of the conflict, Great Britain has hosted about 17,000 Ukrainian soldiers as part of the "Interflex" operation. Many of them underwent an intensive training course, but others were trained in specialized combat skills. The British military also provided special training to Ukrainian commanders in amphibious assaults and taught crews to operate tanks. Despite the restrictions on training, cooperation between Great Britain and Ukraine continues. Thus, although some residents complain of discomfort from explosions and training at the Lydd training ground, others support the Ukrainian military and point to the need for such training to ensure the country's security. The Ministry of Defense hopes to find a balance between the needs of the Ukrainian military and the demands of local residents.